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5 reasons to go to the Festival of Remp'Arts in Azzemour

FESTIVAL Now that the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you are eager to enjoy outdoor activities and excursions, and this is where Made in Casablanca tell you that from 17th to 19th May 2013, we have the perfect outdoor event for you, The Remp'Arts Festival in Azzemour. And as we don't do things by halves, we explain why this is an event not to be missed...

For the City

The city Azzemour is a city of artists, the medina is like a canvas for those working in theatre and other arts. The people of the city launched its first Internatioanl Festival of Visual Arts in  2010 and for this third edition, they turned to street art. The Zemmouris are true visionaries! 

For Estevanico

Originally from Azzemour, he was sold as a slave to the Portugese. A few years later, he was sold to Andres Dorantes de Carranza. Together, they became part of the Panfilo de Narvaez, an expedition to conquer Florida. The Zemmouri became the first man to set foot in North America, the legend of Estevanico has inspired novels, he has become an icon for black community in America, as well as Martin Luther King. 

The line up

The Festival Remp'arts offers a decent line-up of top international artists for the festival, from Denamrk, France, China, Peru, New York, Russia and Morocco itself, Remp'Arts does not happen in half measures. 

To Party

During the Remp'Arts Festival, the whole city will be celebrating! There will be a food court with all the local specialities, a flea market for vintage lovers, a Halqa in the purest Moroccan tradition and of course, music. 

For workshops and other demonstrations

Sit back and wander from stand to stand, or participate in painting workshops with your children and don't forget to take them to see the demonstrations and the skateboard and surf competition.

Text Zara Kadiri

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR