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A multi-faceted district


BOURGOGNE As one of the most well known neighborhoods of Casablanca, Bourgogne is the hub of the city..

Diversity is the word best used to describe Bourgogne. Nestled at the junction oif several disparate neighborhoods, it is due to its geogarphical location that so much diversity is alive in this social neighborhood. 

Located in the center-west of the city and bounded by the sea to the north, the neighborhoods El-Hjajma and El Hank are to the west, and the Gauthier and Racine neighborhoods to the South, Bourgogne is the confluencew of all the components that make up Casablanca. Bourgogne is a pace where diversity coexists peacefully. It is also its proximity to the city center which explains the highly populated area. However, the diversity appears to be gardually disappearing, over the past twenty years, luxury residential property have started to appear, making property prices considerably higher. 

A lively day and night

The Bourgogne area is filled with cafes and restaurants open day and night, so you will always find a place to eat regardless of the time. Living in this area also means that you are connected to two of the most famous markets of Casablanca, market Badr and El-Hjajma. Both places are always busy. 

Text R.Samie

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR