Après "Taxi Casablanca", "Les tortues ne meurent pas de vieillesse"

CINEMA They had already created the excitement at the release of their last joint project. This time, Hind Benchekroun and Sami Mermer make us discover their latest film, "turtles never die of old age". Already rewarded, to the 17th Festival of Tetouan, the documentary film tells the precarious situation of three Moroccans old harnessed to their sad fate.

It is Moroccan, to Turkish, and share a common point. Both are involved in the life of simple people and unpretentious. They seek to show the life of everyone, as she really is. The previous Director, "Taxi Casablanca" documentary (in which Sami was Director photo) is based on the life of the only woman driver large taxis in the city. A history already full of authentic emotions that we were living the daily life of a woman like no other.

In this new opus on the Moroccan truth, the camera takes us to the meeting of three men in the North of the Morocco, the difficult past and uncertain future. A fisherman exhausted, a lonely innkeeper and a musician of the streets, all three sentenced to work to death to follow. From the Union battles on the question of pensions, the film exposes jeans that life is a struggle without loophole.


The film was released on July 24 at the cinémathèque of Tangier, but in the coming days, he will leave his native land to conquer the attractiveness of the Quebec public to Montreal. (in room from 26 August)