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Aya Belkahia: the fairy behind Madeleine de Proust

GASTRONOMY Last week, the Studio IWA held its second Food Lab with Aya Belkahia, the delicious pastry chef behind Madeleine de Proust...

For those unfamiliar with Aya, she graduated at the famous Cordon Bleu school in Paris aged 23, (for connoisseurs, this is also where Julia Child graduated). After a few years working in prestigious institutions, Aya finally decided to return to her home city and make the Moroccan public swoon with her creations. Thus Madeleine de Proust was born!

Today, we are invited to try some savoury creations. As always, Valerie receives us in Studio IWA, in charming decor with art from different creatives. In the centre of the main room, there are tables full of delicious bites; macarons, quiches and small appetizers. The quiches are filled with summer vegetables, mushrooms and feta cheese, the macarons with basil and goats cheese and cones with salmon and cream cheese. A little later another table filledw ith sweet treats arrives; madeleine's with honey and lemon, salted caramel and butter financier's, mini cheese-cakes with freeze dried raspberries and vanilla and chocolate variations too. Everything is perfect and delicate. Aya puts love into these creations, while we are busy demolishing the buffet, she is still busy in the kitchen. For food lovers, a display of Aya delicatessen products such as jams, chocolate spreads, shortbread and more are available.