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Boubouteatime, the Blog and the brand

EXPO-SALES A few weeks ago, Studio Iwa had the pleasure of receiving Bouchra, the lovely lady behind the Boubouteatime brand. This citizen of the world has liked collages since childhood and decided to turn it into her profession.

Having just arrived at Studio IWA, the tone is set: collages made by Boubouteatime come in a wide variety, phone covers, pocket mirrors, Moroccan rugs of all sizes and colours...Valerie, our hostess, has even made a collage of the decor with with cushions of all colours and sizes on the floor and sofas, creating a relaxed atmosphere, as if a little cocoon. There are also quaint little tables and chairs. Back to Boubouteatime, Bouchra is a wonderful person and tells us an incredible story of her journey. As a child she was fascinated by collages, add in a true passion for travel and you quickly understand just how she creates such beautiful collages. From the Middle East to the US, Turkey and the Maghreb, Bouchra draws inspiration from every place she visits. After studying in Paris, she decided to take a new course in London. 

And then, it was love at first sight in the country home to afternoon tea and the Queen. among her various encounters, she discovered how successful her collages were and the result was to adda  shop to the Boubouteatime blog. For users it was easy to extinguish the transition of the blog to brand, thus improving the site. Continuing in expansion, Bouchra displayed her collages at various exhibitions around major capitals in the world and of course in major countries. And rest assured, the range of pretty things will only continue to grow with items for the home, stationary, bags and more. The range will also include ready-to-wear clothing, such as t-shirts, vintage pieces and more. 

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