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Delicious food in a timeless setting


RIAD 21 Riad 21 is an ideal place for those who are fans of authentic Moroccan cuisine in an intimate setting, whether for a romantic meal or night out with family or friends, this place is an unforgettable destination in elegant decor.

Enjoying a privileged location, Riad 21 welcomes guests in a typical Andalusian house, a place that promises a delicious meal in a magical setting, reminiscent of an old Moorish palace. 

A culinary journey

Whether in the privacy of the dining room or outside, enjoy a Moroccan meal with subtle flavours and spices that combines Mediterranean flavours. Riad 21's owners invite you to discover or rediscover the Moroccan flavours of their childhood. Riad 21 is aimed at both Moroccans and tourists who are interested in the basis of authentic Moroccan cuisine. 

The combination of tradition and modernity

Converted into a restaurant in 2009, the building where Riad 21 is located has stood for 50 years, and is uniquely designed. Following the work undertaken for the restaurants opening, the place now has, in addition to the traditional living room, a finely decorated modern dining room. In this magical place, the architecture together with the decor provide an interesting contrast of tradition and modernity. 

The inevitable Riad

Since its opening in 2009, the culinary side of Riad 21 is varied, Friday remains couscous day, using 100% organic semolina which comes from local cooperatives. The Riad is also renowned for its famous small Sunday lunches. Also, as part of a new artistic programme, Riad 21 launches musical themed nights, led by major artists and celebrities. The next event will be held on 30th November, 2013 with the participation of teachers from Musique Sacree, such as Dr.Mohamed El Harrak Touhami and Dr.Cherif Moulay Abdellah El Ouazzani/ 

The perfect place for your events 

Finally, whether for a family event or a business meal, Riad 21 offers all their experience for your event. Personalized services, quality and more are available for all guests. 

Text R.Samie

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Riad 21