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Five good reasons to go to the third edition of the Marrakech Du Rire

FESTIVAL Laughing makes us feel good, makes us happy, it relaxes the muscles in our bodies and for those reasons and more, Made in Casablanca will make you want to go laugh all the way from here to Marrakech!

1 -Because it's the meeting point for all friends of Jamel Debbouze

It's not everyday you get to meet Gad El Maleh, Frank Dubosc, Omar Sy, Francois-Xavier Demaison, Florence Foresti and Patrick Timsit all at the same time! Whether on stage or at the famous aftershows, no doubt it will happen at MDR!

2 -Because MDR is in Marrakech

The laughter and smiles are not only on stage but all over the city,in the streets, with spectacualr shwos and Halka at the Royal Theatre hosted by favourite Moroccan comedian, Hassan El Fad. 

3 -Because this year you laugh 'International'

The MDR opens to other festivals from abroad! For those who are familiar with Canadian humor, the Grand Festival of Quebec will be there. Love the Belgian's sense of humor? the Voo Laugh Liege will represent that part of the world here and the French festival, Humor Capital will also be present. 

4 - Because the programme is worth a look

Yes, MDR plan to spoil you with not one but several shows daily! On June 5th you will see the illustrious Burattini family and then later you can enjoy the famous Halqa. June 6th its the turn of Malik, Ch'tata Eko and Rachid Badouri. On June 7th, Patrice Thibaud, Ksiyer and the troops of Jamel comedy club. To finish off on June 8th, Hassan El Fad will take to the stage. 

5 - Because laughter is good

The laugh is on, be prepared to feel in instant cahnge in your immune system, your self-esteem, your mood, your sleep...convinced?

Then take your seats in Marrakech from the 5th to 9th of June 2013 for MDR! 

Text Zara Kadiri

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Marrakech Du Rire