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BRIGADE OF HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION The streets have Casablanca will be cleaned up with the creation of the brigade prefectural hygiene and environmental protection. An initiative which should make the city cleaner and more pleasant.

Established by the province of Greater Casablanca, this brigade was created in August 22nd, 2013 and became operational on 28th October 2013. 

A qualified brigade

"Our officers have received special training in Kenitra with the aim of ensuring the cleanliness of the city," says the head of the brigade. The ten officers are responsible for educating citizens on respecting the environment. One task which is proving to be difficult to deal with is antisocial behaviour of Casablancais who have a habit of littering everywhere. 

Radical measures

Soon the depositing of rubbish on the streets and places other than the installed bins, will result in a fine. The law provides for sanctioning any owner who deposit waste on public or private land and those who do not keep their own lands clean. Since the introduction of this brigade in October, 23 violations have been recorded at the Urban municipalities of Sidi Belyout and Anfa. 

Soon be operational throughout the city

Also on schedule, the extension of these measures in Urban municipalities Hay Hassani and El Fida. Remember that these new measures come after the recent royal directive. In his speech on 11th October on the occasion of the opening of the parliamentary session, the Sovereign had raised concerns over major problems in Casablanca, including social disparities, water treatment and waste management, as well as substandard housing, all of which tarnish the image of the city. An inventory attributed to the administration adopted by some elected councils who have succeeded in managing the city properly. 

Text R. Samie

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR