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HERMITAGE PARK Opened in 2011, the rehabilitation of the Hermitage was greeted with apreciation all round. Today, this place attracts hundreds of walkers of all ages, a perfect place for those wo love nature in Casablanca.

Located in the heart of the Derb Sultan district, Hermitage Park has long been neglected and left abandoned, that us until it's restoration three years ago. 

A new version of the 20s

The landscape designers who have worked on this project wanted the park to be restored to the original setting founded in the 20s by the French architect Jean-Claude Forestier and Henri Prost. The landscape consists of palms and plenty of vegetation. 

Education and nature

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection has worked hard to restore the park, turning it into a space for awareness and environmental education. Those who walk through the park have the opportunity to discover a wide variety of plants and their origins, making into an educational park that has been built on an area of 4 hectares and holds beautiful plants from Asia, Latin America and Africa. 

Activities for Children and adults

The restoration of the park has combined its original design with new facilities to increase the number of people it attracts. A large pool of water in the centre, a playground for children and a multipurpose court have all been newly established. The park has a great walking area favoured among the people in Casablanca. 

Text R.Samie

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR