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Four good reasons to go to the Party Unites!

MUSIC This summer will be a hot one and with Ramadan fast approaching, our weekends are looking more promising. Made in Casablanca is here to tell you why Party Unites is the place to be...

1 - Because it lasts all weekend

No excuses this time, the organizers have thought of everything. It will begin on Friday 7th of June at 6pm and end on Sunday 9th of for those of you who are too tired to go out on Friday night, or those workingon Saturday, you have a choice!

2 - Because it is a new concept

The Moroccan electronic scene is a growing family and this is the idea behind Party Unites: to meet new people and participate in competitions for the best DJ..who will win? it's up to you to decide!

3 - Because music is great

Guest DJs include Pro7, Amine K and Artunique. There are competitions and parties to attend, including Transahara. This will surely have you stomping with your arms in the air. 

4 - Because ... and then that's it!

As if you really need more reasons! With Party Unites invites you to the first competitin of the best electro-minimal Moroccan DJs, poolside for several hours. So if you are tired of listening to music on your computer speakers and you feel an irresistible urge to rock out on the dance floor, this is the perfect opportunity!

Text Zara Kadiri

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Metistudio