Les Experts d’Atlantic is a public service: Loubna Moussali

RADIO Every morning from 9 to 11 a.m., she helps listeners with their technical questions. Insurance, co-ownership, road rules, are just a few of the topics that have listeners turning the dial to Les Experts d’Atlantic with Loubna Moussali. And we had the chance to meet with the young journalist to chat about workplace etiquette, Widad and Raja, attacks and karaoke.

Made in Casablanca: Every morning you answer listener’s questions about technical problems (labour laws, health care responsibilities, etc) thanks to your experts’ assistance. What relationship have you built with these specialists who regularly appear on the program?
Loubna Moussali: That’s a funny question, I wasn’t expecting that at all. I thought that the question would be, “what relationship have you built with your listeners?” I’ve developed a sincere friendship. I speak highly of the experts on the show. Each one has his, it’s mostly men, own expertise, his way of doing things, his characteristics which differentiate him. I’m obliged, or I’d say it’s with pleasure, that I take these things into consideration when selecting them. I’m lucky to be totally autonomous on this show. I determine the themes and I recruit the experts I need for each show.

Now, for the most part, they’re friends who I meet for coffee, lunch, and I can talk about everything and anything. But they’ve structured my thoughts, I know that it’s because of them that 1+1=2. I mean that in various aspects of my life. I now know about the consequences of a complicated legal case. In other words, if I break a law or I hurt a pedestrian, I know what fine I’ll pay, the pain I risk and the points that I’ll accumulate.

Made in Casablanca: A talk show like this, is it a public service in your opinion?
Loubna Moussali: It’s the response of the listeners. It’s a phrase that I've only used since the listeners said it. Les Experts Atlantic, is definitely a public service. It teaches listeners about their rights, but also their obligations in their daily life. Whether they’re in the right or the wrong, Les Experts Atlantic provide them with the best solution, in keeping with the law.

Made in Casablanca: What are your favourite on-air memories ?
Loubna Moussali: My greatest professional memory is of the 2007 attacks in Casablanca. A suicide bomber blew himself up six metres from me. I escaped unharmed, I ran in every direction that day to give listeners what they needed to know. I truly believe that, in spirit, I’m a field reporter and not a journalist in the office.

My worst memory was, just recently, at the agriculture trade show. At 4 p.m. I realized that the ministry who had promised to find and recruit the list of journalists that I’d provided didn’t have the time to do it. I had a two-hour debate to present. I went to another station’s studio, pretending to be an assistant, to recuit an official that I needed. And the show worked. Don’t ask me how.

Made in Casablanca: Outside of your very serious show, you’re also a fervent football fan. Raja ou Widad?
Loubna Moussali: fact just so as not to upset Joumhour lmagana, “the public’s watch” [Rajaouis always sit under the clock on the stage of honor], I’m going to say Wadadi. I’m Joumhour lfrimija, “the public cheese”. I don’t remember the reason, but I really like cheese [their area in the stadium looks like a slice of cheese]. But seriously, there’s one team I support, it’s Real Madrid.

Made in Casablanca: Are women integrated in the world of football fans?
Loubna Moussali: Women create a buzz. The supporters in the press, and I say in the press, are happy when a women shows up to support them, it’s a plus. When I’m at the stadium, I’m in the VIP area. I watch the match dreaming about being on the other side with the public, but I haven’t met a man who will take me with him and who I’m comfortable with. Because sometimes, quite frankly, it sucks, it’s not a scoop, with the hooligans. That said, Morocco has some great sports journalists.

Made in Casablanca: You have very eclectic music tastes from Hindi Zahra to Mariah Carey. What Casablancan artist has impressed you most?
Loubna Moussali: Um, without hesitation.

Made in Casablanca: What concert have you been to in Casablanca that you particularly enjoyed?
Loubna Moussali: Earth Wind and Fire, I didn’t stop dancing. It was at the Festival de Casa two years ago. [Earth Wind and Fire are also performing at the Mawazine Festival in 2011.]

Made in Casablanca: I know that you’re a karaoke amateur. Where can we hear you carrying a tune, or having a drink? Where do you like to go?
Loubna Moussali: Inevitably, TGI Friday’s, on the corniche, in Aïn Diab. I’m a karaoke supporter, I’m often there Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We haven’t met there before?

Interview & photo: Ali Khalifa
Translation: Mandy Sinclair