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Les taxis rouges de Casablanca

SOCIETY When you live in a city, it must move from point A to point B. Some cities have metro, bus, tram or bicycle paths. Casablanca you have two choices: have a car or take a taxi. And many have opted for the second option. Attention, sensitive souls refrain, Made in Casablanca is the test!

The Kamikaze
For him, Casa and a circuit of formula 1 this is the same! His mission: jink more quickly and more dangerously possible between cars, mopeds, pedestrians, cops, short, obstacles. It is not timed have not air the disturbing too much. To spice up his day, he launched small challenges as to the boulevard of Anfa in less than 5 minutes (optional fire) or even cross Zerktouni while the fire is red. You, remain you more than to you grip firmly and calmly in the amount of the door (if there). Attention to not look too panic, it's tendency to make Kamikaze even more... Hysterical?

The sociologist
His taxi is a place of debate and according to the subject of news of the moment, it will benefit from for debate in his vehicle, or simply to try his new theories on his new friends. For example, do you know why the African students at Casa have never trouble? It is very simple: because they are of karate. Enough to see Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan to understand that they come both from Senegal. CQFD.

The Minesweeper
What it is transport of pretty girls if it cannot talk about? Frankly, would have to be stupid to miss such an opportunity. It is clear that a woman finished a day's work or an appointment, masked, wearing, perched on high heels, entangled in a tailor, bullied by his bag and his computer, expect that a gesture, as a look of the taxi driver. Just look in the rearview mirror his head examined with obstinacy on his papers. No, it is not pressed, or occupied to send 15 texts per second, still less to prepare his appointment. Well, a conversation and a taxi which takes its time, it's that she needs the little lady.

The scammer
This garbage that fun to make small wads of banned meaning of red lights, meandering paths and that explain you that it is to go faster. The one that passes through an area which is the exact opposite of your destination, always to go faster. One who waits a moment of inadvertence on your part (telephone, moment of reverie...) to extend the race up. If it is dark, it is even better!

The Mars Radio
Connected to Radio March all day to follow both the foot and the radio quarrels of the animators. What is happening around him is irrelevant. Unless it comes to deviate from the original route: "said Maarif was Lalla.". Me I deposited you there down or safi. "" Sidi can discuss without had the radio. " There is more. ""Then blach discussion a Lalla... ". "Radio March: 1. passenger: 0.

The connected
As soon as you install on the back seat, a doubt tormented you: taxi or nightclub? Taxi: it rolls, I fear for my life, burning red lights. Nightclub: loud music, uncertain mixture of duo-hiphop-chaabi-rock. Pompon on the cake: with neon colours, stickers of evenings, and a taxi driver in the hair in crete, the decollete tank top, washed out and skin-tight jeans and pointed shoes. If you tend a Redbull, you you are deceived by contrast.

Text Zara Kadiri

Photo Dr.