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The Liberty Building of Casablanca

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BUILDING The Liberty building stands tall in Casablanca, the 17 storey building is symbol of resistance, freedom and novelty, Made in Casablanca invites you to discover the first African Skyscraper...

Experience and innovation

Casablanca was the first city to undergo an architectural make-over by Morandi. On the advice of his father, Morandi went on an Exploratory trip to Morocco, to see if this booming country was in need of social housing . A year later, he was living in Casablanca and soon he was asked to build a skyscraper for housing purposes. 

Modernity and comfort

Whether we look at it's location or its conceptualization, nothing of the liberty building has been left to chance. Located on the edge of popular downtown neighborhoods and chic neighborhoods, the building faces south. The entire building is well insulated  and well-santized. 

Resistance and Freedom

But the name Freedom does not only come from its modernity, comfort or even its image. In the 50s, Independance was in the air, Jacques Dubreuil was a strong supporter and activist for the independance of Morocco, he lived in the building and his determination and conviction was reverred by many people. In 1955, tensions reached their peak, Dubreuil had organized a group against terrorism, against the French secret service. On the night of Saturday 11th June, 1955, a group of men shot and killed him in front of his building . 

Now you know the history behind this beautiful building which played sucha huge and important role both in country's independence at the future modern vision of Casablanca. 

Text Zara Kadiri

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR