• Fitness center
  • Coaching
  • Dance
Gymnasia is a chain of fitness centres in the Morocco. Continuously searching for the best services, equipments and latest techniques in fitness and cardio training, professional instructors are on hand at Gymnasia Gauthier Casablanca to advise and provide custom programs. Confidence, professionalism and efficiency are the hallmarks of success here at Gymnasia.

La Ferme de Bouskou

  • Swimming pool
  • Kid
La Ferme de Bouskou organizes professional events as well private events, there is also an area for toddlers and a farm.


  • Kid
Chipoupine is a creative centre for children with activities such as collages, paintings and papier mache available.

A La Ribambelle

  • Kid
A La Ribambelle organizes celebrations of birthdays and other events for your small toddlers.

Maroc Momes

  • Kid
Morocco Momes offers entertainment and party planning services for your children.


  • Kid
Jumicar offers small junior cars for children.

Adventure Land

  • Attraction
  • Kid
Following the success experienced in the UAE, Adventureland opens it's doors in Morocco. Located in the Morocco Mall, it offers a variety of attractions for all ages.

Gymnasia Kid's

  • Gym
  • Kid
Gymnasia Kids is a premier club 'ludosportif' for children aged between 3 and 14 years. There are a variety of activities for children to take part in, as well as new learning experiences.

Arsenal Soccer School

  • Soccer
  • Kid
The English football club now has a pre-training centre in Casablanca, all levels are accpeted and trained by teachers from Arsenal.