Villa Des Arts Casablanca

  • Museum
  • Cultural center
Villa Des Arts Casablanca is the first private museum in the city, the facility aims to promote the arts through exhibitions and cultural events. Moroccan and international artists regularly exhibit their work here, which also has a quiet space for r...

Academie des Arts traditionnels

  • Museum
At the Plaza of the mosque Hassan II, and next to the new media centre, the Academy of traditional arts is both a Museum and a place of training.

Museum of Judaism in Morocco

  • Museum
Moroccan Jewish Museum, is one of the first museums on Judaism in the Arab world. It presents the history of Judaism in Morocco through various collections and national and international exhibitions, there is a multitude of historical references avai...

Mosquee Hassan II

  • Monument
  • Museum
Mosquee Hassan II is a magnificent masterpiece of arab-andalusian architecture, it is the highest religious building in the world, spread out over 9 hectares. Inside it includes a prayer room, baths, a Koranic school, library and a museum. There are ...

Dar El Ala - Musee de la musique andalouse

  • Museum
In an old restored riad (Dar El Ala), the Museum of the Andalusian music offers three small rooms for exhibitions.