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Leave your stress at the door as you step inside Institut Sawadi in Casablanca, the leading specialists in traditional Thai massage. Discover a world where your senses are awakened, lights are dimmed, incense are lit and essential oils await.

By appointment only.

Owner's word
A Massage to restore energy flows...
The traditional Thai massage is like that to himself. He has art connect the the recipient, such as the one which gives energy harmony of the universe. This energy is manifested by both competing and complementary, the Yin and Yang.
In our body is similarly, two aspects Yin and Yan of the energy must maintain a balance in the various points of our body, because health is nothing other than the maintenance of order, and its failure disease.
Sawadi Institute offers you consider massage nor as an exceptional practice, but as a new art of living contemporary, accessible to all.

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Les massages

  • Massage relaxant – 50 minutes 350 Dhs
  • Massage relaxant – 1h30 minutes 550 Dhs
  • Massage tonique – 50 minutes 450 Dhs
  • Massage tonique – 1h30 minute 650 Dhs
  • Massage Thaï traditionnel – 1h30 minutes 750 Dhs
  • Pierres chaudes – 60 minutes 550 Dhs
  • Bain Hammam marocain traditionnel (avec fournitures) 350 Dhs

Les Packages

  • Hammam + Massage relaxant (50 minutes) 550 Dhs
  • Hammam + Massage tonique (50 minutes) 650 Dhs
  • Hammam + Mixte massage (50 minutes) 600 Dhs

Les soins du corps

  • Soin du Visage 350 Dhs
  • Soin corporel avec herbes aromatisées 450 Dhs
  • Enveloppement corporel chocolat 250 Dhs
  • Reflexogie plantaire (60 minutes) 450 Dhs
  • Manucure 150 Dhs
  • Pose vernis 100 Dhs
  • Pédicure simple 250 Dhs
  • Pédicure royale 350 Dhs

Les épilations

  • Aisselles 100 Dhs
  • Jambes 170 Dhs
  • 1/2 Jambes 110 Dhs
  • Bras 150 Dhs
  • Sourcils 70 Dhs
  • Duvet 70 Dhs
  • Maillot intégral 170 Dhs
Sawadi Institute 27, Rue Nassih Eddine, Immeuble Aluma, 1st floor, 20000 - Casablanca Voir sur Google Maps
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