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La Scala, a legendary restaurant in Casablanca, serves typical Moroccan specialities of tagines, couscous and pastilla. Outside in the Andalusian style garden, live entertainment is arranged 3 times a week, all at reasonable prices.

Owner's word
The Sqala concocted a typically Moroccan, very varied cuisine where a multitude of flat and mixtures are proposed. You will be surprised by the range of flavours to discover. Side sugar, La Sqala offers its pastillas, tender, horns of gazelles, harcha, teas arabesques, cafés and other kahwas or even its Moroccan pancakes... but also its fresh fruit cocktails and many other delights! Side sale: briouattes of chicken, kefta, skewers, Moorish kemia, kid tagines, lamb, chicken Beldi, méchoui, Tanjia...

Opening hours
The Sqala is open Monday from 12 to 3pm and 7 to 11pm

Tuesdays to Sundays from 8am to 11pm

Breakfast is served from 8 to 11:3oam.
Afternoon tea is served from 4:30 to 7:30pm



  • Moroccan tomato and Olive Salad with cumin 40 Dhs
  • Petals of fish to huilaigrette argan-echalotes clearance of vegetables with saffron 90 Dhs
  • Fresh goat of Meknes and cherry tomatoes flavoured with the argan 55 Dhs
  • Roast chicken offal, crunchy vegetables and lemon huilaigrette salad and 70 Dhs
  • Chicken bites and whiting in steam, julienne of vegetables with fresh ginger 65 Dhs
  • Gratin goat mesclun walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette salad 70 Dhs
  • Salad of vegetables 75 Dhs
  • Assortment of briouattes (sea fruit, kefta, poultry), 80 Dhs
  • Briouattes poultry 65 Dhs
  • Briouattes Kefta 70 Dhs
  • Briouattes seafood 80 Dhs
  • Moorish Kémia 75 Dhs
  • Kémia Sqala 75 Dhs

Plancha Grill: Fish

  • Saint pierre fillet grilled 115 Dhs
  • Wood grilled cuttlefish 90 Dhs
  • Grilled cuttlefish, saint pierre to grilled, prawns and fillet of red mullet 145 Dhs
  • Timbale Prawn Skewers 165 Dhs
  • Gougeonette de Saint-Pierre Seiche en friture, courgette et brocoli 125 Dhs
  • Saint-Pierre à la plancha et légumes 140 Dhs

PLANCHA Grill: meat

  • T - bone grilled veal, pan-fried vegetables and French fries House 170 Dhs
  • False fillet of beef, crusted mushrooms with ginger, purée House and soy 135 Dhs
  • Kefta Sqala 85 Dhs
  • Skewer of Lamb of the chaouia 90 Dhs
  • Brochette of marinated chicken 75 Dhs
  • Skewer of veal liver 95 Dhs
  • Skewer of beef tenderloin 125 Dhs
  • Assortment of 4 skewers (beef, veal liver, lamb, chicken) 125 Dhs
  • Coquelet grillé aux trois purées 95 Dhs

Special child

  • Crispy Honey chicken French fries (House) and soda 65 Dhs

Tagines and buds

  • Tajine with almonds and prunes beef Shanks 135 Dhs
  • Tajine of chicken farmer and olive chtouka me sslala 170 Dhs
  • Tajine of kids of Essaouira with fennel and peas 135 Dhs
  • Tajine of fish, green olives tomato and peppers 120 Dhs
  • Seasons vegetable Tagine 75 Dhs
  • Casserole of seafood, potato pepper of erfoud 125 Dhs
  • Simmer with mushrooms and terfès saffron lamb casserole 125 Dhs
  • Casserole of peppers stuffed with beef, roll of Eggplant with Basil 115 Dhs

Regulars week

  • Tuesday: Mouse Hout (stuffed fish) 125 Dhs
  • Wednesday: Mrouzia (Lamb confit with saffron honey grapes and almonds) 85 Dhs
  • Thursday: Kwirate (Whiting to the raisins and candied onions pellets) 95 Dhs
  • Friday: Couscous (the specialty of bahija) 170 Dhs
  • Saturday: Tanjia marrakchia (simmered beef) 115 Dhs
  • Samedi: Tanjia Marrakchia 135 Dhs
  • Dimanche: Sardines grillées 70 Dhs

Fruit juice

  • Orange juice 18 Dhs
  • Apple juice 20 Dhs
  • Banana juice 18 Dhs

The original

  • Assortment of Moroccan crepes (msemen, baghrir, donut jam) 26 Dhs
  • Churros 15 Dhs
  • Donut jam 15 Dhs
  • Assortment of Moroccan pastry 35 Dhs


  • Pastilla with milk to orange blossom 40 Dhs
  • Chocolate fondue 80 Dhs
  • Fruit syrup spice salad 45 Dhs
  • Scented chocolate 50 Dhs
  • Frozen dry fruits nougat 45 Dhs
  • Vacherin iced vanilla and strawberry 50 Dhs
  • White eat in coconut milk 55 Dhs
  • Crème brulée 45 Dhs
  • Sélection de pâtisseries Marocaines (5 pièces) 35 Dhs
The Casablanca Scala Boulevard des Almohades, 20000 - Casablanca Voir sur Google Maps
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